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Top 5 questions people ask

Updated: Mar 25

How early must I book? We get asked this question everyday. Bookings should be done 10 to 14 days in advance. This helps you secure the best rate. Rates may vary depending how much notice is given and other factors as well.

Can I load my car with goods? This depends on the company you contract with but at you are allowed to load up to 100 lbs. of household goods as long as it's below the window line and in the backseat or trunk of the vehicle.

Are all carriers insured ? Not all carriers are licensed and insured. However at we work with a network of carriers that are highly ranked within the transport industry and within a specific software transport companies use. For every booking we do, we provide the carrier insurance to the client.

How much deposit is needed? No deposit is needed to secure the booking. It's a common tactic from certain companies to get money up front from you to secure their pockets but not in your best interest. Highly ranked companies will never take deposits up front! If a company decides to take a deposit, we suggest to hang up and look elswhere or just give us a call.

What is your price based on? There is no standard price and is based on many variables. Pricing is based on location, time frame, fuel prices, time of the year and many more factors.

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